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    File rename in standby with OMF

    Datfile on primary (Prod):


    Datafile on Stdby


    On stdy we wanted this file to in
    the folder.


    However, Oracle has created soft link and handling this internally which we can see within asmcmd.

    Everytime we add a datafile on primary, we use OMF and let oracle handle the path.
    But in the past somebody has added the datafile with absolute path and this resulted
    in the soft link creation on stdby.

    When we are cloning from stdby, we need to look into this path always. We want to get rid of this, and correct the path on Stdby.

    How can we do this ?

    The path on PRIMARY is correct. But on stdby we want the file to be moved to different folder.

    Is this possible ?

    We are on 11gR1 on Linux.

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    I think DB_FILE_NAME_CONVERT would do the trick.
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    db_file_name convert would be ideal for new file creation.

    In this case, on stdby we have datafile with data in it. We just want to move the datafile to a different folder. Remind you that, the datafile on Primary is in the correct path. Only on stdby we need the change.

    If we follow the same procedure of renaming a datafile what we do in normal cases, ie., brign TS offline, move file to differnt path, alter ....rename, brign TS online etc. does this work in stdby ?

    does this has any impact on further transactions on these datafiles ?

    (I cannot test as this is prodcution )
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