I know all about active clone and how to use it but we have some DB's
where logging is disabled on objects, so when I run active clone to
clone a prod db to dev I get corruptions errors.

I have two questions

When you recover a DB using the following format:

rman catalog=rman/rman@prod target=sys/sys@prod < connect auxiliary sys/sys

duplicate target database to dev nofilenamecheck
until time="TO_DATE('09/24/11:06:58:59','MM/DD/YY,HH24:MI:SS')";

Is there some way for me to query the prod DB to get the exact until
time. Right now, I go into the prod RMAN log and use comletion time of
the last file backed up.

question 2

most of the time I need to apply archive logs after my datbase is
cloned. Is there a query I can use to figure out what archive logs are
needed? I have been playing around with the following query but this seems
to bring back way too many .arc logs

# select name from v$archived_log where
# next_time > to_date()
# and next_time <= to_date()
# order by recid

Oracle some how knows what logs it needs how can I figure out the same
so I can have my archive logs in place during the recovery so I dont manually
have to apply them.

Thanks to all who answer