Hi all,

Oracle 11g R2, Goldengate 11.1, Windowz

I need some help to clarify two things.

1. DB is in flash recovery mode. log_archive_format = ARC%S_%R.%T. Where as archive logs are saving like O1_MF_1_30_74VZY20Z_.ARC. Any clue why parameter value and actual file name is different? Please note, I am not using OMF.

2. As I am using flash recovery, archive logs are saving in DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST\ORACLE_SID\ARCHIVELOG\DATE_FOLDER. Please have a look into my GG extract parameter file.

EXTRACT extsrc
SETENV (ORACLE_HOME = "F:\app\VT0046014\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1")
SETENV (ORACLE_SID = "ora11g")
USERID gguser@ora11g, PASSWORD gguser
EXTTRAIL F:\GoldenGate\GGS11\dirdat\lt
TABLE scott.allobjects;
TABLE Scott.allobjects1;
and the excerpt from extract error report ...

2011-08-19 12:26:40 ERROR OGG-00446 Could not find archived log for sequence 28 thread 1 under alternative destinations. SQL SELECT MAX(sequence#) FROM v$log WHERE thread# = ra_thread AND status in ('INVALIDATED', 'CURRENT', 'ACTIVE'). Last alternative log tried F:\app\VT0046014\flash_recovery_area\ora11g\ARCHIVELOG\ARC00028_0755020128.001, error retrieving redo file name for sequence 28, archived = 1, use_alternate = 0Not able to establish initial position for sequence 28, rba 11790864.
Can some one shed some light to understand why actual archive log is storing in a different format than given in the parameter? and how to overcome this in GG extract configuration?

Thanks in advance.