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Thread: Pl/SQL tracing

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    Pl/SQL tracing

    I'm asking about how to go about, too see the contents of variables that are going into a very simple pl/sql procedure, they are all IN variables.

    I'm calling in from a c# program, through a provider to call an simple update procedure, but it's not working. I suspect the provider of being buggy.

    I want to see
    1. If it being called at all.
    2. What parameters are being offered to it.

    I have the session Id, and the sql Id from 'pl/sql developer' but the actual call only shows the usual UPDATE BETA_AUTO SET RULEGUID = :B4 , NAME = :B3 etc.

    How would I go about showing what B4,B3,B2,B1 is?


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    If properly setup no trace is needed.

    Use query below plugging in hash_value...
    select  c.name                      BIND, 
            substr(c.value_string,1,25) VAL
    from    v$sqlarea a, 
            v$sql_bind_capture c
    where   a.sql_id = c.sql_id 
    and     a.hash_value = 'hash_value'
    order by a.last_active_time desc, c.name asc
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    Pablo Berzukov
    I will give it a try.

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    Pablo Berzukov
    That worked perfectly.
    It showed that the bltoolkit odp provider isn't passing values properly into sp's.

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