We have a new machine installed with Solaris 8. I installed oracle 8.0.5 (from a tar file) and everything worked fine. Then I had to downgrade the OS to r7 because an apps will not run in r8. We did that and now we are having some problem with Oracle. Whenever I use svrmgrl to connect to oracle, it prompts for password. I found that I also need to start the listener first - otherwise i would get TNS - no listener. I thought you dont need the listener to be up to connect to a database using svrmgrl!!?? Am i right? I have check....the oracle user is in the dba group. Anything else I am missing? Aside to that problem, I also have another problem with the solaris machine. When I telnet to it, it takes about 1 minute for the login prompt to appear. However, it works fine if I add my pc ip address in the hosts file. Any clue?