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Thread: French DBA looking for a job in US

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    I am a graduate engineer in computer science
    Got 6 years with Oracle as developper and DBA and Architect.

    I look for a job in US.


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    Hello Oliver,

    I came the other way, from the US to Europe (Belgium).
    You may face the same difficulty I did. Jobs were easy to
    find. The difficult part is the work permit.

    In the US, it is called a 'Green Card'. I do not know everything
    about them, but I know that there is a lottery every year in
    which they issue a certain number of them. A company may
    also be able to sponsor you for one.

    Consider performing a yahoo on the words 'green' and 'card'.
    You may need an American to sign your application. If so,
    either write me or post a reply to this. I'm in Brussels.

    Best of luck to you,

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