i'm installation oracle RAC 10gR2 in solaris 10.
but when i perform the ./runcluvfy.sh stage -post crsinst -n 2j-rac1,2i-rac2 -verbose
-bash-3.00$ ./runcluvfy.sh stage -post crsinst -n 2j-rac1,2i-rac2 -verbose

Performing post-checks for cluster services setup

Checking node reachability...

Check: Node reachability from node "2j-rac1"
Destination Node Reachable?
------------------------------------ ------------------------
2j-rac1 yes
2i-rac2 yes
Result: Node reachability check passed from node "2j-rac1".

Checking user equivalence...

Check: User equivalence for user "oracle"
Node Name Comment
------------------------------------ ------------------------
2i-rac2 passed
2j-rac1 passed
Result: User equivalence check passed for user "oracle".

Post-check for cluster services setup was unsuccessful on all the nodes.

is that normal ? if not, how can i make it to get a full details ?