I have given up on getting any real help from Oracle support. Hopefully wise old sage DBA's can help me iron out the rest of a good upgrade process. ASM/CRS/DB
4 TB data
2 Databases
3 RAC Nodes
No new hardware
SAN Snapshot ability = Yes
TTS experience = Yes
Dataguard Physical standby experience = Yes

Upgrade Guide and Companion offer vanilla information only.

I do not see much info on minimum downtime upgrades from oracle, beginning to feel it is reserved for the Consulting Services only.

Where can I find all the detailed info on min-downtime upgrades for RAC to 11gR2 including ASM/CRS ? I find nothing but the generic info in Upgrade guide ( DBUA, manual, export ) methods only, or the Upgrade Companion. What about use of Transportable Tablespaces and Logical standby ? Is this info only available to oracle consulting services ?

Is there an 11.2 variation of this document ? All links are broken in the document.


So far I have completed 77 datafile Transportable Tablespace and schema metadata dump to effect a 'Schema Clone' or 'Schema Flashback'. Working through remaining errors but find the docs are dismal and support not much better.

I think work on this project could be applied in a minimum downtime upgrade but there are many ways to go about 11g upgrade but not much information.

Open to suggestions / criticism.