oraInventory Printout in 11g
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Thread: oraInventory Printout in 11g

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    oraInventory Printout in 11g

    In 10g or previous version, during a database install, there was always a button on the OUI to see what is installed based on the contents of the oraInventory.

    I don't see this anymore on the 11g OUI.

    Does anyone know how I can find that same information - contents of the oraInventory that I can save and printout?

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    You mean the Installed Products on the Welcome screen/window? It's there if you have any installed products. Do you have anything installed that OUI would see in an oraInventory location? If not, there is nothing installed, so no button (what's there to see?).
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    Perhaps the "oraInst.loc" file (which contains the path to the inventory location) is missing or is in the incorrect location.

    It should be located in the following path depending on the OS:

    1) On Unix/Linux:
    /etc -- or --
    and always a copy under the $ORACLE_HOME

    2) On Windoze registry:


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