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    finding modified tables/partitions

    As part of our backup/recovery process we don a RMAN backup along with
    a full export of a 4.5TB database. To limit what is pumped out I would
    like to limit my export to only those tables/partitons, which have changed
    for the current day or maybe the day before.

    By change, I mean any inserts,updates or deletes.....

    Does anybody know of such a query that will give me this information,
    which I can use to dynamically build a parfile through a shell script than
    invoke expdp.

    Any examples would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks to all who answer.

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    Do you have a last_update_date column in those tables? If so, you can filter on those. Otherwise, no (with respect to Data Pump, and an export is not a backup). What would be exported for deletes?

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    No I dont have an update column on alot of these tables.

    What I was looking for was a last modified time in the data dictionary for each table and or partition...

    Just out curiosity, how does a RMAN incremental backup keep track of the
    changes.... there must be some logic to figure out what blocks have changed

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    there is no option to find last modified DML time. RMAN tracks this using block change tracking option which needs to enable explicitly.

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    Out of curiosity... may I ask what's the purpose of taking a full export of a 4.5TB database when you already have in place an RMAN based backup/recover strategy?
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