I have an application that uses two database schemas for storing data - QUARKDMS and CTXSYS. When I do the import of QUARKDMS and CTXSYS users using the command "imp 'sys as sysdba' FROMUSER=quarkdms,CTXSYS TOUSER=QUARKDMS,CTXSYS FILE='...' LOG='...' ", I get the following error:

IMP-00017: following statement failed with ORACLE error 6550:

The above is only an excerpt. The complete log file is attached.

I have created the CTXSYS user using the following commands:
create user ctxsys identified by qdmspwd;
grant connect,resource to CTXSYS;
alter user CTXSYS default tablespace ctx_data;
alter user CTXSYS quota unlimited on CTX_DATA;
alter user CTXSYS quota unlimited on QUARKDMS_DATA;
alter user CTXSYS quota unlimited on QUARKDMS_INDEX;

I have been recommended that I create the user using catctx.sql script file, but my worry is that I will create all the objects of CTXSYS schema and the objects containing text indexing related data will not be created when I import the CTXSYS schema.

I am currently importing only quarkdms schema and then I will try to import ctxsys schema. I will share my observations with you.

Meanwhile, any feedback will be highly appreciated.