First post, I'll try to keep it short. I did search the web and forums first and could not find any help on what I'm looking for. Hopefully you all may have an answer.

I am trying to create a TACL Macro on a Tandem system to basically run ggsci, output whats executed in the program to a file, and pass it the commands to run. Where I am having a problem is getting ggsci to accept anything after the intial run.

Example: (Note, all that tescmd contains is the "info all" command for ggsci
$sys.cmd 1>ggsci/out test /obey testcmd

In the above example, ggsci never accepts the /out or the /obey. I can't even do the the /out from within ggsci, but if do the obey, it will work. The main reason I want to do this is to automate the process a little more since I am checking multiple systems quite frequently.

Hopefully that is enough to get started, please let me know if I left something out or there are any questions.