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Thread: Change location of control files

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    What is the best way to change the location of the controlfiles incase the db is already in existance.
    situation 1:
    A new disk is added (disk#3) on the solaris box and already I have 2 controlfiles in each disk. How would I react.. My steps are: Shudown the DB, Edit the init.ora with the 3rd location, copy the controlfile for disk2 to disk3, then bring the database up.. Is this correct.
    Situation 2:
    In my another db I have 2 disks but controlfiles 2 and 3 are in the same disk #2, same directory.. If I have to change the path of the 3rd file alone, I should.. Bring down the db, change the location of the 3rd file by editing the pfile and bring up the database.
    Please confirm.

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    Situation 1 (you are right about all the steps)

    Situation 2 (you need to MOVE the 3rd file as well besides making changes in the INIT file)

    - Rajeev

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    Bottom line:

    By the time you bring up the database, your controlfiles whats you mentioned in config.ora/init.ora should be there. Otherwise you get error, while bringing up the database.

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