Hi there! I am cross-training as an application DBA. One thing I am learning is that classes and reading are no substitution for hands on experience. I am lucky to have a team of really good DBAs that are supporting me and helping me to learn. I ask them what I think are pretty basic questions all day and they are tolerating me like a fairly well behaved puppy for now. I'm hoping to get some good feedback from you all on best practices on how to do things in addition to what I am learning from them. I have a really great mentor, but I like to hear how many people do things. So here is my first question. As the application DBA, the developers send me sql scripts that they have tested in dev and stage and ask me to run them against production schemas. Do you log in as your id with superpowers, the sysdba role, or the schema owner to run the sql? Do you run from Toad or as a script (@c:\script) and do you spool your logs and if so how long do you keep them? Do you request your developers to preface the objects in their scripts with the schema name? Do you have a change control process that you go through? Thanks in advance!