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    I've been meaning to take my OCP exams for ages, but unfortunately I'm a bit lazy, and don't really feel like studying about Oracle after I get home each evening (usually sick of it after a days work!!).

    I've got the Certified DBA Exam guide, and the exam cram books and about 3 1/2 yrs experience. I was going to book the exams myself at my own pace (a very slow one!) - but now, my company has offered to pay for them, but only if I book them all at once (so they only have to raise one purchase order!).

    So from your experiences, roughly how long should I give between exams to study for the next?

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    How long roughly elapsed time does the exam take? (From arriving at the testing centre, to leaving). I'm not meant to be taking the exams outside of working hours, but I may have no choice sometimes so would like to get an idea of how long out of the office each one needs.


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    Exam time

    You are allowed 120 minutes for the first test - PL/SQL and
    90 minutes for each of the others. Figure at least six months over which to take the tests. You can use the exam cram books and STS software to help prepare for the test. Six months should allow you to study at a slower pace while working. You can always reschedule for sooner or later if you have to do so. Sylvan is very accomodating on that.

    I finished most of the tests in 45 minutes but many use the whole 90 minutes. The first test is the most difficult and many have to retake it so study well the first time.

    Good luck.

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    Your company can pay for all the exams now, but you have up to one year to take them.

    That's what I did last year, when Sylvan Prometric was offering a 30% discount to OTN members. When I was ready for each exam, I just called them and scheduled a date and time.

    Hope this helps.



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    Scheduling/Purchasing option

    Another option is for your company to purchase the Exam Vouchers. These are usually good for 1 year from the date of purchase - which means they must be registered within this time.

    After they have been registered, you then have an additional year in which to write the actual exams. You can't need anymore time than that!! As for how much time between the exams - it really depends on your experience in the different areas covered.

    If you hate reading through the books - have you tried using the CBTs/TBTs? I find they are a much quicker & more interesting way to get the necessary material down - and they are written around the OCP exam objectives!

    "Today is the beginning of the rest of your life!"

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    I did it this way

    I took one test in June, 2 in the same week in August, and my last test in Feb. This was due to the fact that I am military and was overseas between June and Aug. and on a course between Sept. and Jan. You can study hard for a week or two and walk in and pass easily.

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    A stupid question perhaps...


    I just discovered this site and I was happy to bookmark it.

    I am thinking about eventualy doing the OCP DBA exams myself, and I have a question: CBTs/TBTs. What is that?



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    I did the same thing Peter Maloof did. My company paid for all exams at once, and all I had to do was call Sylvan when I was ready for an exam. It is true that you have to take the exams within a year from the payment date, or you'll forfeit the money.

    Actually, I took four of the exams while employeed with the company that paid for the exams, but took the last one after I had changed employers.

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