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Thread: Help on backup strategy

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    Help on backup strategy


    I need to work on a backup strategy.

    Scenario: My /arc partition contains datafiles and archive files. Sudden growth in the archive on a single day sometimes leads to the rapid filling of the partition, thus resulting in DB down state.

    Backup being taken: export backup

    Archive files retention: 3days

    Query: 1> Do we require to keep the archive files if backup type is export?? Will this help in recovery anyway when we dont have a cold backup at all?
    Well, the answer I think is: No
    2> If the answer is No, then is it feasible to take RMAN backup for both datafiles and archive log files on everyday basis?
    3> If the answer is yes, then after the RMAN backup is taken on everyday basis, we can include the option of archive log delete all, post the backup is taken, in the RMAN script.
    Am I correct?
    This way we will get rid of the /arc partition getting filled.

    Please suggest if this is a good option to be adopted?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi getnami,

    1. Export is NOT backup!!
    Backup is copy of database files made by OS utilities, SQLPlus or RMAN.

    And the answer on your question is NO because you cannot apply redo to an imported database - archive log files are useless in that case.

    2. & 3.
    You should take RMAN backup for both database files and archive log files. You need old archive log files for point in time recovery - but if you are struggling with insufficient disk space for backups you could delete old archive log files after making full backup.

    My advice would be to backup archive log files to another storage and delete them from /arc partition on daily basis. It is very important to avoid filling this /arc partition. You should monitor disk usage on daily basis for that mount.

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    first of all, export is not considered as backup it is just logical backup.

    1. you can not restore the DB using logical backup so no use of archive logs if you are taking ONLY export backup.

    2. backup strategy depends on your DB size. If it is small, yes you can take full DB backup every day. If it is big, then take the backup of archive logs every day then DB full backup on weekly basis or Incremental backup on daily basis

    3. correct. you can incorporate this in archive log backup script or if you are taking full backup you can incorporate the same in the DB backup script.

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    Quote Originally Posted by getnami View Post
    ...This way we will get rid of the /arc partition getting filled.
    As pointed out by previous posts your #1 problem is not the "/arc partition" but that in case of a disaster you have no way to restore/recover your database.

    Design your backup strategy based on database criticality and business needs a.k.a. how much data is the business willing to lose in case of a catastrophic event.

    RMAN is a great tool.
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