I am using D2k reports version 3.0 and connecting to database 10g , I am able to connect and fetch the data but when I try to run reports with any code in the Function body or procedure I am getting error 201:identifier must be declared .

The same is working when I compile / run the report in 8i database, but in 10g I am getting a error 201 which says table name as identifier not declared

Code as below

PROCEDURE addresses (in_cntry_code in address.cntry_code%type,
in_address_ref in address.address_ref%type,
ot_addr_name1 out address.addr_name_1%type,


In the above sample address is the table name and the error is ' Error 201 'identifier address.cntry_code' must be delacred

Can someone give if there is any solution for this / any work around / patch to support 10 g

Thank you
srinivas K