sqlplus (concatenation single quotes)
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Thread: sqlplus (concatenation single quotes)

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    sqlplus (concatenation single quotes)

    I am building some DML statements from a query. This query contains
    a where clause whose values I need to encapulate in single quotes.

    The current query:

    select 'delete from OPS\$ORACLE.object_baseline where
    owner = ' || owner || ' and object_name = ' || object_name || '
    and table_name = '|| table_name || ' and column_name = ' || column_name from
    (select owner,object_name,table_name,column_name from object_baseline where owner=upper('${OWNER}')
    select owner,a.index_name,a.table_name,column_name from
    dba_indexes a,dba_ind_columns b where a.index_name=b.index_name
    and owner=upper('${OWNER}') and a.table_name not like 'SYS%')

    The current output:

    delete from OPS$ORACLE.object_baseline where owner = YYY and object_name = XXX_PK and table_name = XXX and column_name = ID

    I want to encapuslate the values 'YYY', 'XXX_PK', 'XXX' and 'ID' within
    single quotes. I tried tried many different combinations and I am unable
    to get this to work. Can someboody please provide an example.

    Thanks to all who answer
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