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    Oracle goldengate manager

    Hi, I'm having problems starting the oracle goldengate manager on Oracle 9( with Solaris 5.9 (62-bit) Sun-Fire-V240. I believe I've done the steps required.

    I've done this:
    1) Create dir goldengate and extracted the files
    2) Created the gg_user and tablespace, and granted the user accordingly to the specs.
    3) edited the mgr param-file with this and saved:

    port 7809
    userid ggs_owner, password ggs_owner
    purgeoldextracts /opt/goldengate/dirdat/ex, usecheckpoints

    4) written "start mgr"
    5) checked mgr status with "info all" and verified that "Manager stopped".

    GGSCI 2> status manager

    Manager is DOWN!

    6) checked error log for "view ggsevt"

    The problem is that the "view ggsevt" command doesn't show anything unusual, it just states:

    "2011-02-07 13:01:14 INFO OGG-00987 Oracle GoldenGate Command Interpreter for Oracle: GGSCI command (oracle): edit params mgr.
    2011-02-07 13:02:45 INFO OGG-00987 Oracle GoldenGate Command Interpreter for Oracle: GGSCI command (oracle): start mgr."

    Anyone have any clue why it won't start?

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    Try wildcarding the extract. You're not deleting a file named ex, but files like ex*

    Problem is username and password are not correct.

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    1)can you cpoy the ggserr error log. It's in the goldengate installation directory?

    2) remove the purgeoldextract option and then check whether mgr can start without that option.

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