I am looking for the best way to reclaim unused space for my paritioned table.
My predessor setup a table with a pctfree of 40,which is a huge waste of
space, since all of the data that goes into this table is never updated.

Therefore, I am thinking I would like to set pctfree 0 to see how much
space I can re-gain.

When I usually re-claim space in a paritioned table I do the following:

alter table move partition compress
storage( initial 1k next 1k pctincrease 0 minextents 1 );

Can somebody please provide me with the high level steps (correct
syntax) to decrease my pctfree from 40 to 0 on a partitioned table.

Would it be this:

alter table
pctfree 0;
Do I need a move command within the same TS?
rebuild global indexes?


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