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    create controlfile in standby database

    hi all,

    we are having physical standby database and production database .

    we have create a soft link for a datafile in production to another mount point

    ex- /disk1/data1 to /disk2/data1

    now we want to keep the datafile in /disk2/data1 and remove the softlink

    As we are having physical standby database . i need to know what are step to be taken.

    my action plan is as follows:

    In production.
    1. synchronise both standby(apply archive logs) and production.
    2.shut down the standby
    3.create controlfile in production in ascii format and edit the path (/disk1/data1 to /disk2/data1)
    4. run the @control.sql that i have created
    4.create a standby control file in production .

    In standby :
    1. take the backup of controlfile.
    2.place the newly create controlfile(from production) to the location of controlfile
    3. remove soft link.
    4.startup mount.
    5. then we can apply logs as usual to make the standby sync.

    please help me to know whether my action plan is 100% correct or any changes to be done .

    Thanks in advance.


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    If you are softlink and physical datafile structure is going to be alike then you dont have to do the above steps.

    Example : /disk1/data1 to /disk2/data1 : If you are changing the directory structure like your softlink /disk2/data1, it is not required to do this.

    If and only if it is different then you need to to do the mentioned steps.
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    What version?

    see if your version has the {db|log}_file_name_convert init.ora parameter. When you restore the standby these will automatically do any renaming for you on the standby side.

    If you want to move everything to the new name, follow the database file renaming procedures documented and a google search should find it.

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