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    RMAN still running

    Once a day, we issue the following query through cron to see if
    RMAN is still running.


    On some systems, when a full backup is in progress this query sees that a previous instance of RMAN is still running and reports it as
    an error when in fact its not because the DB is so big and take a long time to backup.

    Is there some table I can query where if I provide a tag for my full backup (ie tag=full_backup) or some other information I can look
    to see if that tag is still being backed up. This would be very equivelant to providing a job name to expdp and seeing if that job_name is active

    I was considering doing a select count... but that would not work as
    we often clone DB's and I beleive this will bring out the same error.

    Thanks to all who answer
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    How do you start this job? DBMS_Scheduler? cron? What platform? I typically use cron and have a script that executes and outputs the results to a log file.

    tail -f rman_out.log
    ps -ef |grep rman

    You can also see RMAN running from the web-based Oracle Enterprise Manager, but doesn't give you a clue as to where it is in the process.

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    OneDB, thanks for your reply.

    As mentioned the job is started through cron on a nightly basis.

    I'm not sure how your solution will solve my problem. ps -ef | grep rman will
    still find the original RMAN that is running, which is my problem.

    Therefore, I am looking for a way to query a table to look for tag that
    is being backed up or a way to associate a job name to my rman command. This way I can distinguish the difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeefStu View Post
    ...or a way to associate a job name to my rman command. This way I can distinguish the difference.
    You can use rman SET COMMAND ID to name your channels - this piece of data will show up on v$session, client_info column.
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    Paul, perfect!!! Exactly what I was looking for

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