Dear Oracle Experts,

I am new to OWB,
we are using Oracle 11gr2,centos linux.

In the OWB mapping,I needed to transfer data in lob table1 to lob table2 .Both tables are in 2 different schema.The table1 has blob and clob columns.The table 2 has same structure like table 1 and the table 2 is empty.

I have created the mapping and connected directly from the source table to the target table.Also , I have created a error table for the target table table.

As for the data rule method,I customized the error table to log the non unique rows.

When I start validating the mapping
I got the following error

VLD-3200 Deduplicator cannot contain LOB type columns

Please let me know,How to log the error in error table for transferring lob type table1 to lob type table 2

Thanks in Advance