LD_LIBRARY_PATH problem connected to startup nomount
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Thread: LD_LIBRARY_PATH problem connected to startup nomount

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    Exclamation LD_LIBRARY_PATH problem connected to startup nomount

    1.checking physical memory requirements......
    Expected result:922MB
    Actual result:748MB
    problem:the system doesnot have sufficient physical memory to perform the install.....
    it is my personal system ..so i gave minimum requirements.

    / 7gb , /var 1.5gb , /tmp 1.5gb , /d01 8gb , /d02 6gb , /stage 2gb , swap 1.6gb

    2.checking for libaio-0.3.96;Found not found Failed<<<<

    if i am getting these problems i continued installation it is successfull .... when i want to create db...i updated bash profile ,init.ora......when i connect to the

    3.sql>startup nomount

    WARNING -->libaio-2.3.2-stub.so

    this is a stub library which can be used for linking only. it must *not* be used as a runtime library.please make sure this library is not found in LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
    ORA-03113:end-of-file on communication channel.

    After getting this i update the bash profile with this

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/d01/krishna/orahome2/lib/stub

    this libaio file is located in stub........still i am getting this problem....i shut down all and connected with startup nomount.

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    please check the oracle install document for required packages fro your OS.

    Vijay Tummala

    Try hard to get what you like OR you will be forced to like what you get.

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