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Thread: Move tables

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    Jan 2001
    Could someone please post the syntax for moing a table from one tablespace to another. I just cant get it right.

    I tried

    alter table emp tablespace users;

    it wont work.

    I'm using oracle 8.0.6.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Moving a table to another tablespace isn't that easy. If the table has no rows, no triggers, no grants etc, dropping and recreating is an option. Export and import the table in another tablespace is the best option.

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    Jan 2001
    Thanks. The table contains no data so I think I'll just drop and recreate them.
    when I was using 8i, we could do this. That's why I was confused.

    Thanks a lot anyway.

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    "ALTER TABLE table_name MOVE TABLESPACE tablespace_name" not supoorted on lower versions of 8.1.x.

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