Hi Experts,

I have stuck in a big issue while using Golden Gate for replication.

I have 2 Oracle Database Servers ( Configured Golden Gate ( Ver). I have a problem while extraction process for a decimal data. The Column is of type Number(29,15). when queried for the value in source DB it shows the values like 34.32E-12.

Now when I import similar kind of data to source DB, Extraction process is failing with following error.
GGS WARNING 109 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for Oracle, ext_o2r.prm: Invalid numeric data detected. Error converting numeric from Ora
cle to ASCII format for column , table ., rowid AAAC5VAAHAABaqkAAHraw length 5, raw data: 0xbd 0x27 0xf5

GGS ERROR 190 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for Oracle, ext_o2r.prm: Error mapping a number column , (input value

Looks like the internal conversion which is used by Golden Gate has some issues.

Workaround Done - Used the option TRANLOGOPTIONS _CONVERTBADNUMBER ZERO during extraction, but destination DB will be inserted with value 0 because of this configuration, I have raised sev 2 or Oracle and waiting for response.

If any one has encountered similar issues and resolved, please help with with the information, any help will be highly appreciated.