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Thread: migrate db

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    migrate db

    Hi, I want to transfer my entire 100 GB database from linux to solaris. which is the best solution either cloning or export/import?


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    If you can afford a few hours down time exp/imp works great.

    1- pre-create database in target system
    2- full export from source system - on-the-fly exp/gzip preferred
    3- ftp to target system
    4- full import into target system - on-the-fly gunzip/imp preferred
    5- check object counts, check invalid objects, contraints, etc.

    You can run it twice, first time to gauge elapsed time and issues, second time for real.
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    The above will work, but I had better results following a pdf called 'Database Migration From Windows to Linux Using RMAN'. The basic concept is the same from Linux to solaris though.

    PHP Code:
    SQLselect from v$db_transportable_platform
      2  where platform_name like 
    'Linux%' or
    3  platform_name like 'Solaris%';

    ----------- ----------------------------------- --------------
    10 Linux IA (32-bit)                   Little
             11 Linux IA 
    (64-bit)                   Little
             13 Linux x86 64
    -bit                    Little
             17 Solaris Operating System 
    (x86)      Little
             20 Solaris Operating System 
    (x86-64)   Little 
    As long as the endian is the same format, its simple. You use rman to convert the DBF's then ftp them onto the new server. Rename as you like, then rebuild the controlfile. The process even generates a script for you to recreate the controlfiles and start the database. The cool thing about it is you aren't destroying the original dbf's. It copies them into the new format.

    Just giving you an alternative.


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