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    Licensing Grid Control

    Hi Folks, trying to figure out how much it would cost me to set up OEM to monitor our databases.

    Oracle site now seems to give lots of prices so seems easier than before. I just wondered if anyone can tell me if i am on the right track as this is what has been suggested to me.

    We are already running Enterprise Edition on a number of servers and would like to manage these through OEM Grid control.

    From what i gather i need a database and application server.

    Oracle website gives prices for Enterprise Edition of 318 per user for 3 year license (minimum 25 users per processor) That gives 7950 per processor.

    Looking on Oracle site for a SUN Sparc server you can get a T5120 for $13K dollars which has a

    * 1 x UltraSPARC T2 1.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor, 32 Threads

    What does this mean with regards to processors, is this just 1 processor in relation to oracle license?

    Does buying Enterprise Edition cover the Application Server part of OEM or is this a seperate purchase?

    We only have about 15 Live instances to monitor through OEM.
    Can we have the DB and APP on same server?

    Note that i am just looking for basic functionality of OEM at the moment without adding any packs.

    Any advice appreciated.

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    To configure grid control you don't need "Application server".

    What all you need is a Oracle Enterprise Edition DB license and Oracle Grid Control license.

    If you create the Grid Control database in any of the existing servers then you can save on licensing cost for EE.

    Please do not prefer NUP licenses in production as it is very difficult to understand Oracle's way of calculating named users. Go with per processor license.

    * 1 x UltraSPARC T2 1.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor, 32 Threads
    Total number processors = number of processors(1) * number of cores(4).

    Number of licenses required = Total number of processors(4) * Processor Core Factor(0.75)

    So you need to purchase 3 processor licenses of Oracle EE + Oracle GC license.

    You will get more than 30% discount on the price mentioned in the web site depends on how good you bargain with Oracle.

    Hope this helps.

    Vijay Tummala

    Try hard to get what you like OR you will be forced to like what you get.

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    Hi vnktummala
    Thanks for the tips.
    I've actually just come across information

    A separate Oracle Database can be installed and used as a Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control (OEM Grid Control) repository without additional license requirements, provided that all the targets (databases, applications, and so forth) managed in this repository are correctly licensed. This database may also be used for the RMAN repository. It may not be used or deployed for other uses."

    And according to the application server licensing document,

    " Management Features

    All Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Application Server Control functionality is included with each of the Oracle Application Server editions. In addition, all of the Oracle Application Server editions include Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control, which is an integrated tool for managing your Oracle Grid and the components running on the grid. It provides an automated configuration management, provisioning, and administrative solution for managing your Oracle data center.

    Grid Control includes a restricted-use license for the Oracle Database and Oracle Application Server components required to deploy Grid Control. Refer to "Restricted-Use Licensing" later in this chapter for details on the restricted-use licenses."
    I've contacted oracle with this to try and get a confirmation.

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    if you have DB licence you don't need to pay any additional fee for grid control
    but if you use special packs you need to pay fee for those such as real application testing ,you need to buy licence for that

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    Quote Originally Posted by prodadmin View Post
    if you have DB licence you don't need to pay any additional fee for grid control
    but if you use special packs you need to pay fee for those such as real application testing ,you need to buy licence for that
    Let me quote... "If you get audited by Oracle you may find yourself paying a fine for using all of the OEM grid control features without purchasing the $6,000 Oracle diagnostic and tuning packs.

    Starting in Oracle 10g, using the built-in ADDM or querying the Active Session History (ASH) or Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) tables requires an extra cost license. Many shop accidently query these restricted tables and the activity is logged within Oracle hidden auditing facility, to be revealed upon an audit by Oracle Corporation." (1)

    (1) http://www.dba-oracle.com/oracle_new...cost_packs.htm
    Pablo (Paul) Berzukov

    Author of Understanding Database Administration available at amazon and other bookstores.

    Disclaimer: Advice is provided to the best of my knowledge but no implicit or explicit warranties are provided. Since the advisor explicitly encourages testing any and all suggestions on a test non-production environment advisor should not held liable or responsible for any actions taken based on the given advice.

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