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Thread: SAP v/s Oracle

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    SAP v/s Oracle

    This is small doubt. Please clarify me..

    If we are getting a chance to work in SAP for Oracle projects, what will the impact of that in our career. The reason why I am asking this is I heard that in SAP they are using some other tool to manage oracle DB.

    Will it be good to work in SAP for oracle projects..?


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    how can anyone say what is good for you - have a mind of your own

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    SAP is so huge that it will last for very long .....

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    Quote Originally Posted by dba1 View Post
    SAP is so huge that it will last for very long
    That's a fallacy - it looks like sound reasoning but it is not.

    As you know RMS Titanic was the largest passenger steamship in the world when she set off on her maiden voyage... you know what happened.

    Please note that this comment does not implies SAP will sink - I do agree SAP is a big and successfull company. This comment only intends to point at the fallacy.
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