Hello Dear All,

i am getting this following error in my alert log file of 11i applications database.
"ORA-04098: trigger 'APPS.LOGON_TRIG' is invalid and failed re-validation"

According to the Metalink (ORA-04098 Trigger '%s' Is Invalid and Failed Re-validation [ID 1035837.6])..

I recompiled

SQL> alter trigger logon_trig compile;
Warning: Trigger altered with compilation errors.

It compiled with Error

SQL> show errors trigger logon_trig;

-------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
2/1 PL/SQL: SQL Statement ignored
2/13 PL/SQL: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

Here is my dought..

From the above result there is a table is missed from the compiled trigger was dropped. is it so,, then i have to run CATALOG and CATPROG to recreate all the default trigger and view.

Ok fine,, i suppose to run those scripts, but my drought is.. my Application have lot of customization updates day by day, and some users creates Triggers and all,,

If i run Catprog it will recreate the default "TRIGGERS". then what will happen to the user created TRIGGERS.. it will be there or not !
Kindly help me