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    loading of data using comma delimited file with double quotes & multiple files


    I have more than 150 files to load. I am tryin to accomplish with multiple infile statements but each file has unique file_id assigned to it. Instead of loading file in sqlldr one at a time? Can I load similar kin of files simaltaneously? If so , how?

    load data
    infile 'P:\postpay\Anthem NE\Production_HIT\HIT_2010_04_27\HIT_Q3292_CRDW_Step01_A_IN.txt'
    append into table postpay.ANTHEM
    fields terminated by ','
    clm_id CHAR ,
    serv_line_nbr CHAR ,
    adj_nbr CHAR,
    file_id constant 555

    Also, data in comma delimited file has double quotes in most columns but no quotes in dates and numbers? Also, some fields has comma embedded under quotes , something like:

    "08284E2E8900","PRESCRIPTION DRUG, BRAND NAME (Not Valid for Medicare)","6827","CELLULITIS AND ABSCESS OF FOOT, EXCEPT TOES",10/3/2008 0:00:00,3,3,111.74,111.74,111.74,89.39,89.39,10/15/2008 0:00:00",10/5/2008 0:00:00

    any help would be highly appreciated? should I use enclosed by "" ; optionally after every column name in my cnl file?

    Thank you

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    Use "Organization External" tables.
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