I am in the process of setting up RMAN. I have one DB, called PRI where
I intend to put my target and catalog in my PRI DB.

What I don't understand is why I need to create a orapwd file? Can't I
just do something like this?

rman target sys/sys@PRI catalog rman/rman@PRI

I guess I have a few questions:

1) When does the orapwd file come into play? What entry needs to
be placed into it

2) What is the default directory where the orapwd should be created?

3) is target the really the "DB" am backing up? If not, how do you specify
the DB to backed up

4) Lastly lets say I have another DB called "sec" on another machine? would this be the syntax to use to connect

rman target sys/sys@SEC catalog rman/rman@PRI

As mentioned above, why do I need a orapwd and when will it get used?

Thanks to all who answer this post?

does yor
ORACLE_SID need to be set correctly? Ie lets say I have another DB called
"sec" on the same machine as PRI what command would I use to back that
up? and would anything need to go into the orapwd file, if so what?