R12 Installation Issue in RHEL-5
I have downloaded R12.1(RAPID INSTALL START,RDBMS SOFTWARE,R12 DATABASE,RAPID INSTALL TOOLS,APPL_TOP) and unziped all the zip files. I started with /u01/startCD/Disk1/rapidwiz/. rapidwiz and everything went smoothly upto "Rapid Install Wizard Alert" and then got a message as given below.I am in the middle of R12.1 installation (on RHEL-5) and got a strange message.System Check Status was OK.

Select the root directory of the required Rapid Install Disk

Enter the location for the disk labled:
Oracle A[pplications Rapid Install - RDBMS Disk 1

After putting the RDBMS Disk 1 Path (correct location) , the installation process won't start.

I have installed Oracle Application Server 10g(MID,INFRA), Oracle Database-10g on this server without any issues.

Any suggestion to fix it up...........