Hi there,

Could you please help me, I have a problem with control file restore.
ORA-01103: database name 'NEWSID' in control file is not 'OLDSID'

I am doing full database restore from Backup server using Symantec Backup Utility.
Restore working fine if I restore with original instance name, but if I rename instance I have problem with controlfiles.


1) Create new Password file, instance, Directory Structure
2) Configure Backup EXEC client
4) Create PFile from restored SPFILE, Edit PFile
5) Startup the Oracle instance
6) Restore controlfiles from autobackup
7) Create SPFILE
8) Startup database mount-----------HERE I have A problem
ORA-01103: database name 'ORIGINALSID' in control file is not 'NEWSID'
This procedure used to work fine, before I moved our production database to new instance.
Now it is working only if I restore with original database name.

Does anybody know, why it is happened? I guess some settings of production database need to be changed, but I do know which exactly.

I start working with oracle 6 month ago and it is my first question on DBA forums.