Hi all,

how to check the time taken for materialized view to execute at one time.
My materialized view is a complete refresh which automatically executes at 3:00.

a) I have queried dba_jobs and dba_mview_refresh_times, and matched the last_date and last_refresh to find the total time. How can I be know that JOB 80 corresponds to my view MVIEW_UNION in a much easier way?

SQL> select job,last_date,total_time from dba_jobs order by last_date;
---------- ----------------- ----------
80 05/05/10 03:00:02 5255

SQL>select name,last_refresh from dba_mview_refresh_times where owner
------------------------------ -----------------
MVIEW_UNION 05/05/10 03:00:02

b) Also is total_time the time it took the query to execute today at 3:00, i.e it started at 3:00 and ended at around 4:45(3+5255 msec) or is it the overall time it has taken since the day it was scheduled in dba_jobs( i.e 1 week back)

c) Also my source table dosent contain any indexes and I have created indexes on materialized view, i want to know if the complete refresh will recreate the indxes.

thanks in advance,