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Thread: question on tunning an SQL

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    question on tunning an SQL

    The following is being run by a user and is spiking the Database. I ran a tunning advisor for it and it came back with the following recomendation:

    Predicate "TRX"."Procedure"<>:B1 used at line ID 7 of the execution plan is an inequality condition on indexed column "Procedure". This inequality condition prevents the optimizer from selecting indices on table "AXIUM"."TRX".

    Here is the statement:
    SELECT "PATIENT"."Chart", "CONTRACT"."Consent", "CONTRACT"."Deleted", "TRX"."Type", "TRX"."Procedure", "PROCEDUR"."Discipline", "TRX"."Status", "TRX"."Deleted", "TRX"."TreatmentDate", "NOTES2"."Code", "TRX"."Producer", "PATIENT"."Last", "PATIENT"."First", "CONTRACT"."Patient" FROM "AXIUM"."PATIENT" "PATIENT", "AXIUM"."TRX" "TRX", "AXIUM"."CONTRACT" "CONTRACT", "AXIUM"."PROCEDUR" "PROCEDUR", "AXIUM"."NOTES2" "NOTES2" WHERE ("PATIENT"."Patient"="TRX"."Patient" (+)) AND (("TRX"."Patient"="CONTRACT"."Patient" (+)) AND ("TRX"."TreatmentDate"="CONTRACT"."Date" (+))) AND ("TRX"."Procedure"="PROCEDUR"."Procedure" (+)) AND ("TRX"."ChartTrx"="NOTES2"."TxId" (+)) AND "PATIENT"."Chart"=:"SYS_B_0" AND "TRX"."Type"=:"SYS_B_1" AND ("TRX"."Status"=:"SYS_B_2" OR "TRX"."Status"=:"SYS_B_3") AND "TRX"."Deleted"=:"SYS_B_4" AND NOT ("TRX"."Procedure"=:"SYS_B_5" OR "TRX"."Procedure"=:"SYS_B_6") AND "TRX"."TreatmentDate">=TO_DATE (:"SYS_B_7", :"SYS_B_8") AND "TRX"."Producer"=:"SYS_B_9"

    I don't really understand there recomendation. I don't see in the code where
    "TRX"."Procedure"<>:B1 is.
    would any one be able to explain there recomendation to me, please. thank you.

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    Are you sure you have the entire statement? Why not look at the original query instead of the formatted one?

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