Dear all,

I would like to know that to run oracle based application I need oracle database 11g, Oracle Fusion Middleware 11gR1 (To run forms and reports) and Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition rite? Am I missing something?

I remember that application server 10.3 did not have the forms and reports services and thats why we had to stick to 10.2.

But now, do I need anything else to run oracle based application? The main components will be Forms & Reports (Developed with Developer Suite 10g), some of the BI based reports which will be developed in Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition

Its be quite a while since I last touched oracle, and as per my last experience I had to go back a version to use forms and reports services. This time I want to be sure I am downloading the rite stuff.

To give an idea the project is about 50 million records, combined into single DB from 35 different sources and we need to built a prototype semi-data warehouse to analyze the data.

I really appreciate any help and input and guidance into correct direction.

Thanks in Advance.