Hi, anyone can help me??

I develop a form using Devloper9i AS, oracle 9i, Winxp
The problem is: I used icon button at design view “.fmb” but at run time this icon disappears in the file “.fmx”
After reading some topics covered this problem in this forum; The following steps are executed:

1-In regedit I put UI_ICON = c:\icon --where my gif icon file is located

2-At command prompts i type: C:\>jar -cvf icons.jar c:\icons
Then “ICONS.JAR” file is created on D:\Dev9i\jdk\bin

3- I Copy the file “ICONS.JAR” and past into D:\Dev9i\forms90\java

4- I modify the “FORMSWEB.CFG” as follow:

4- In “Registry.dat” I added the flowing line:
default.icons.iconpath= c:\icons

5- I modify the “orion-web.xml” .as follow:
real-path="D:\Dev9i/tools/web90/html" />
is modified to :
real-path="C:\ICONS" />

6- In the property palette for the icon item and in the Icon Filename I put just the icon name
called “w_prev” Without any extension , any path…

In the end the problem is not resolved; anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong please?