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Thread: Oracle Database Cannot Open

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    Oracle Database Cannot Open

    I have Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) Database 10g installed on Windows 2003 Server

    Database can be in mount state using RMAN
    However, Alter database open; gives an error

    RMAN-03002: failure of alter db command at 04/07/2010 10:06:53
    ORA-01113: file 1 needs media recovery
    ORA-01110: data file 1: 'N:\ORACLE\DEV\DB\APPS_ST\DATA\SYSTEM01.DBF'

    Then, tried restoring data from previous backup taken using RMAN.
    The RMAN freezes, however after few hours the Alert log file shows that RMAN has restored all the 44 datafiles.

    Then tried recovery of data using RMAN
    RECOVER DATABASE; which too failed with the following error:
    ORA-00283: recovery session canceled due to errors
    RMAN-11003: failure during parse/execution of SQL statement: alter database recover if needed datafile 1
    ORA-00283: recovery session canceled due to errors
    ORA-00314: log 2 of thread 1, expected sequence# 289 doesn't match 0
    ORA-00312: online log 2 thread 1: 'N:\ORACLE\DEV\DB\APPS_ST\DATA\LOG02B.DBF'
    ORA-00314: log 2 of thread 1, expected sequence# 289 doesn't match 0
    ORA-00312: online log 2 thread 1: 'N:\ORACLE\DEV\DB\APPS_ST\DATA\LOG02A.DBF'

    Could anyone please help me out with this Issue

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    Looks to me online logs are not in sync with restored datafiles
    Pablo (Paul) Berzukov

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    what did you do to get to this situation?

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    How many other forums are you spamming with this question?

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    @ Stecal
    I am trying to get information from as many sources as possible because i need to get the problem solved urgently. So i am not spamming, but trying to get information

    This is a test database, so i was testing on it. I some how went for change database incarnation key. I think this might have caused the problem.

    I have tried with the following command

    I was first asked about the following archive log file. So, i gave its location as:
    Then, in a few minutes i was asked about the following archive log file:
    After entering this file location, SQLPLUS got hanged. I waited for an hour but no response.

    This happened with RMAN also earlier. The RMAN gets hanged while restore and recovery.
    Why does the SQLPLUS or RMAN hang.

    I am thinking of restoring the database with image copy (cold backup) that i had taken before this problem raised.

    What could be the steps that i can follow to restore the cold backup keeping in mind that i have Oracle RAC 10 g with 2 instances on Windows 2003 server and running with Oracle Apps R12?

    Detailed steps would be appreciated.

    As it is test system, I dont care if i loose data, i just need to open the database so that i can carry on with testing.

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