i develop a form using oracle 9i ,developer9isuite, WindowsXp.
it contains "item chart" called "pie_chart" related to a file drill2.ogd already created by devloper2000 R2.1 Graphics Builder;

the functioin OG.Open (:PARAMETER.PATH_OG_GRAPH || 'drill2.ogd', 'pie_chart', plist => pl);
is used to establish "Drill2.ogd" graph related to the "Pie_Chart" ... i verify all the paramters, the functions, the procedures
created, by runnig the form in debug mode.
All of the results and the values are expected and true... and no error messages or alerts are shown at form runtime ...

finaly the problem is, when i run the form the "Drill2.ogd" graph related to the "Pie_Chart" is not diplayed in the file " .fmx"

Any suggestions???? thanx