Hi All,

Our database version is, Standard Edition, running on Linux 2.6.18-92.el5.

When I run awr reports, I get several error messages at the top of the report, for example:

ORA-20009: Missing System Statistic opened cursors current
ORA-20008: Missing Init.ora parameter undo_management
ORA-20008: Missing Init.ora parameter db_block_size

When I Googled these errors, I found a post by someone who said if you set the parameter control_management_pack_access = 'DIAGNOSTIC+TUNING', then the errors would go away. I set that parameter on 03/18, but this morning I am still getting the same weird error messages from the awr report.

Anybody have an idea about why Oracle is throwing these errors? I never saw these errors when I was using 10g Enterprise Edition....

Thanks for any clues,