I do a nightly export of our production database exporting 4 schemas (this is not part of my backup plan, so please hold off the "a nightly export is not a backup" comments). I then import the data into a database on a different server with a different OS. this DB is used for reporting purposes in case we loose conectivity to our production server. the database doesnot need realtime data. my problem is the server this used to run on crashed, so I am now using another server running Microsoft 2008 server. the import consists of 1548 tables total. 527 tables have no rows of data in them. and 7 tables are over 1 gig. all the others range in size smaller then a gig. all the datafiles are on the same physical disk. the server has 4 gigs of ram and other things running on it. I have the sga set to 500MB's. and the Ram is pretty much all used up so I don't think I can increase the sga. the import is taking a real long time. I mean over 24 hours. I thought the import would be I/O intense and not cpu or memory intense. Is that true. I can't figure out why this import is taking so long. The old server had the same ram and a slower cpu. and the SGA was set the same. an import on that server took 5 hours tops.