Now that there are two ways of applying the quarterly patches. Either the critical patches only or the slightly larger and more inclusive patch set update. Assuming that you patch you database at all, which method are you using and why? I have been applying the PSU's and then I saw this note, 854428.1, on Metalink and I am wondering if I am following the right path.

So which do you think is the best way to patch an Oracle database???

7 Patch Set Updates and Critical Patch Updates (CPUs)

The PSU and CPU released each quarter contain the same security content. However, the patches employ different patching mechanisms, so customers need to choose wisely which patch satisfies their needs better.

A PSU can be applied on the CPU released at the same time or on an any earlier CPU for the base release version. A PSU can be applied on any earlier PSU or the base release version. CPUs are only created on the base release version.

Once a PSU has been installed, the recommended way to get future security content is to apply subsequent PSUs. Reverting from PSU back to CPU, while possible, would require significant effort, and so is not advised.