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    Cloning Oracle Clusterware using oui(perl script) 10204 RHEL4

    Hi Gurus,
    I’m trying to clone 10204 clusterware home running on RHEL 4 using oui(Perl script)i followed the doc but i have a confusion about OCR and Voting disk during cloning process,I want to know, if during oracle clusterware clone, do we need to copy OCR and voting disk also to target node along with the CRS & Oracle binaries? I checked the oracle documentation and they have not mentioned it anywhere. If we should not copy the OCR and voting disks then how these files will get created on target node.

    perl clone.pl ORACLE_HOME= ORACLE_HOME_NAME=Oracle_home_name ‘-On_storageTypeVDSK=2′ ‘-On_storageTypeOCR=2′ ‘-O”sl_tableList={new_node:new_node-priv:new_node-vip}”‘ ‘-O-noConfig”-O”INVENTORY_LOCATION=central_inventory_location”‘
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