I am using rman to do a full database backup plus the archive logs. The backup fails with this error:
failure of backup plus archivelog command at 02/04/2010 14:30:41
ORA-19505: failed to identify file "/data3/oradata/axium/arch/1_553_707676115.db
ORA-27037: unable to obtain file status
IBM AIX RISC System/6000 Error: 2: No such file or directory
Additional information: 3

the arcive log in question is there.

here is the script I am running:
run {
crosscheck archivelog all;
backup as compressed backupset database plus archivelog;

if I look at the log file from the rman command when it does the crosscheck archive log all, it validates the file is there.

after the the rman script fails, the file is no longer there.