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Thread: How to move archived logfiles and make the db aware?

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    Question How to move archived logfiles and make the db aware?

    Hi there,

    I've renamed an Oracle database, using the DBNEWID utility. After that, the original folder names -of course- don't match this new name. So I had to rename the folders, to minimize confusion.

    This renaming involved renaming the datafiles, renaming the (redo) log files, adjusting DUMP parameters and last but not least renaming the archivelog destination.

    Now, I renamed the log_archive_dest parameter and new created archive log files got written to that new location. However, I want to move the older archive log files also to this new folder. I can do this using regular OS tools.

    Question: the entries in v$archived_log still point to the old location. This would most likely cause problems in case of a recovery of the database. How can I make the database aware of this new location for the old archive log files?

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    if you used dbnewid those old archives are useless anyway, so no matter about what location they are, they cannot be used

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    Ah yes, know that. Sorry, forgot to mention that the database name-change took place some weeks ago and the folder renaming is about to take place (yes I know, not all too smart). So since the renaming there have been new archive log files created. And these are not useless.

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