Within a day or two, we are plannning to take export of a schema at a customer site containing BLOb objects. I haven't ever encountered BLOBs.

1. So, just wanted if there are any potential issues with BLOB exports that are to be taken care of. I just don't want to try taking export again as DB data for this schema is 100GB.

2. The used space as shown by DBA_extents for this schema is around 100G. What is the expected size of export dump? Though I know it will depend on the deleted rows in extents below high water mark. But still I want to know if the export utility compresses assuming there is no deletion of rows.

Also, I will use compress=y to cause single extent to be allocated during import.

3. Not in regards to above export/import, I have an old export file and I only know the name of schema whose export was taken. Is it possible to find out the names of tablespaces in which the data of this schema had resided when the export was taken. I need to for some internal testing.