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Thread: Supporting Oracle on Unix

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    I am an Oracle DBA for last 2 years on NT. Recently our database is migrated to Unix. Inorder to help myself with Unix Operating System, Does anyone knows book on Unix which gives listing and description on Unix Commands. Somethig like Quick reference on Unix Commands.

    Your Help is highly appreciated. I really need it.


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    Unix in a Nutshell by O'reilly Press.

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    If its Solaris:Essential Reference series(can be used as general ref)

    Practical unix by Sobell: if you need little more details/knowledge

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    Oracle 8i & Unix Performance Tuning ( ) is an absolute bible for running Oracle on Unix.

    Although nobody likes the titles, Unix for Dummies ( [url][/url] and Unix for Dummies Quick Reference ( [url][/url] ) are excellent references.

    Depending on the level of the reader, I also recommend Learning the Unix Operating System ( [url][/url] )

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