We will have a number of new developers coming onto our project soon, the majority of which have little to no oracle, or much database experience in general.

My manager has graciously volunteered me to give a little in-house training overview to get everyone up to speed on sql, pl/sql, etc. I figured I would throw in some general database theory while I'm at it.

If it were up to me though, I would tell them to go spend a day reading/writing practice code and come back to me with questions, but I don't think that will fly with my manager :)

I was curious if anyone had any added ideas of how/what I should present to them. All are technial, some probably already know the stuff, but there will be a few without much experience.

I figure I will start with a little bit about databases in general, quick overview of normalization, etc.

Then get into sql dml -- spend a lot of time covering select and all the variations, then just touch update/insert/delete since they're pretty easy once you have select down.

Then touch on DDL but there shouldn't be much for them to worry about there.

Then get into pl/sql and follow some other tutorials I've seen, hot-oracle.com has a pretty complete one, and just go over structure, syntax, programming practices, etc.

Then I'll have them go read/write practice code and come back to me with questions :)

Anything else that I should touch on?

Does anyone have any other places for good class/tutorial reference material? Ideas for small but worthwhile pl/sql programming projects? Learning I'm good at but my teaching leaves a little to be desired, and anything I can find to help in organizing the information in a logical way to be taught to new people would be great.