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Thread: rman on windows

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    rman on windows

    I am consulting at a company with Oracle 11G on windows.
    I have not been on this platform with Oracle in many moons so I am getting back up to speed.
    Networker (backup software) issues the command: RMAN c:\rman.bat

    I was expecting a .bat file like this calling an rman.cmd file

    set oracle_sid=orcl
    rman target sys/manager1@orcl nocatalog cmdfile='c:\db_arc_backup.cmd' log='c:\bk_log.log'

    but this is what they have runnning successfuly

    connect target myuser/mypass@MYDB
    run {
    allocate channel t1 type 'SBT_TAPE'
    backup current controlfile;
    backup full filesperset 4 database format 'FULL_%d_%u';
    backup filesperset 4 format 'AL_%d_%T_s%s_p%p'archivelog all;
    release channel t1;

    I want to have logging on the oracle side and not rely on the backup software. Is it possible to add a log within rman or do I have to have Networker pass the log parameter
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    actually backups look successful from NETWORKER but when I look at v$backup it shows the files havent been in backup mode since the 3rd

    ---------- ------------------ ---------- ---------
    1 NOT ACTIVE 592387795 03-DEC-09
    2 NOT ACTIVE 592387809 03-DEC-09
    3 NOT ACTIVE 592387816 03-DEC-09
    4 NOT ACTIVE 592387824 03-DEC-09
    5 NOT ACTIVE 592387834 03-DEC-09

    On the third I added a line to delete archives after they had been backed up 2 times. I just took the line out and re ran but v$backup hasnt changed. The rman file is above.


    Nevermind, I realized that rman does not log to v$backup

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